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Main address: Raja Nawab Ali Road, Lucknow 226001 Uttar Pradesh, India

Nari Sewa Samiti

Nari Sewa Samiti is a non-profit organisation in Uttar Pradesh, India. Together, we have joined hands to restore the rights of thousands of deprived women and girls child. You can also help make a difference by making a donation or by sponsoring the education of girls and women empowerment.
Raja Nawab Ali Road Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 91-522-2623464, 522-2480027

Women Welfare Counseling Centres in Lucknow

Nari Sewa Samiti leverages support and fulfils the needs of destitute, orphan, widow, distress and deserted women through proper training, vocational courses, and skills. Knitting, tailoring, embroidery and weaving are some of the skills that are developed at the training centres for the welfare of women. Aiming to empower women socially and economically through establishment, integration and convergence of varied schemes. Computer Operator and Programming Assistance is provided for destitute and deserted women enabling them to be economically independent. The actual goal behind these programmes is to give self-reliance through skill development, training and income generation. To promote these women. Nari Sewa also provides proper consultation services at their counselling centres assuring distressed women in leading the normal life.

Nari Sewa Samiti runs three counseling-centres. Funded by Central Social Welfare Board, these centers are located at –

(a) Mahila Sahayata Prakoshta, CBCID Office, Lucknow
(b) Nari Bandi Niketan, Adarsh Karagar Mohanlalganj, Lucknow
(c) Nari Sewa Samiti Premises, Lucknow.

Mahila Sahayata Prakostha, CBCID Office, Lucknow

The Family Counselling Centre at the C.I.D. Office, Lucknow has been dealing, among others, with family disputes, matters of domestic violence, dowry and other cases involving married couples. The Centre has been making constant efforts in trying to settle the cases as earnestly as possible and in following their progress for a minimum six months period, after the settlement. It is situated at Vikalp Khand-II, Gomti Nagar in premises of the C.B.C.I.D.Head-Quarters

The following are the statistical figures for the year 2015-16:

Pending Cases from last year 119
Registered Cases 105
Cases Settled 121
Compromise through alone 65
Counselling and Legal help 32
Counselling and Police Help 06
Counselling and Other Help 00
Compromise not possible 01
Drop out Cases 17
Pending cases 103

Besides these instances of dispute settlement, 10 workshops / goshthies were also organized in different areas including Vibhav Khand I, Vibhav Khand II, Gomti Nagar,Hasanganj, Azad Nagar, Alambagh, Bangla Bazar, Kanousi, Barkat Nagar, Nai Basti cannt., Tedhi Puliya & Badshahkheda. From the date of its commencement, the centre bears a significant image and reputation in settlement of various complicated cases of husband –wife adjustment, dowry, return of Streedhan, personality difference, extra-marital relationships and extra-interference of guardians.

Family Counselling Centre, Nari Bandi Niketan, Adarsh Karagar

The F.C.C. in Nari Bandi Niketan situated at Mohanlalganj is running since 16 February 2000 for the ‘ Welfare of the victims.’ F.C.C. works for the betterment of the lives of victims through counselling, Medical Camps, Legal Assistance and other cultural programmes, various types of applications are written by the counsellors on behalf of the victims.

The convicts confined to the four walls of the jail often go into deep depression. To help them our counsellors have long sessions with them, they write letters to their relatives and children living at shelter home are brought to jail to meet their mothers. During festivals the convicts and their children are provided with sweets, snacks and clothes. Awareness programmes on different occasion and events are also organised by counsellors. Cultural programmes are organised to bring some happiness in their otherwise lonely lives. The Samiti has arranged a lawyer to give free legal assistance. Presently, there are 315 convicts and around 15 children are in jail.

Below are figures for the year 2015-16 speaks volumes for the recognition of the centres.

Counselling and other help 3954
Released convicts 24

Family Counselling Centre, Nari Sewa Samiti Premises, Lucknow

This Centre is situated at the heart of Lucknow City in Kaisarbagh area in the Samiti premises for dealing and solving the problems between husbands-wife disputes through counselling, providing legal help, police help, and psychological support. These problems are related with domestic, exploitation, marital adjustment, abuse of alcoholism, thrown out of home, dowry domestic violence and other matters. The centre provides referral services, like short stay-homes, free legal aid, medical and psychiatric treatment, police assistance etc, when-ever required. All registered cases are kept confidential and solved free of cost. The F.C.C has a three dimensional approach aimed at strengthening family life and to safeguard the interests of women i.e. preventive, curative and referral.

The following are the figures for the year 2015-16:

No. of cases registered 93
No. of closed cases 57
Cases Settled (compromise) 33
No.of transferred cases to other F.C.C. 01
No.of persons contacted at the Centre 862
No.of cases of short term counselling 77
No.of Mohalla-goshti for publicity/awar. 15
No.of follow up cases 715
No.of home visit done 69
No.of cases of legal help 46
No.of awareness camp on special occasion (Mahila Divas/Satarkta Divas) 02
F.C.C Sub-committee 03
No.of pending cases 389

Besides these during this year (2015-16),15 Mohalla gosthi were conducted by the counselors in areas of Kaiserbagh, Malihabad, Rasulpur, Khanipur, Chaupatia, Pandit Nagar, Kareemganj, Golaganj, Bangla Bazar, Alambagh, Manak Nagar, Aminabad, Nirala Nagar, Bhikhampur, Moti Nagar. On 15-09-2015 inspection of Counseling Centre also done by representative of State Social Welfare Board. On the occasion of Mahila Divas a special workshop was organized by the counsellors for 35 Students of Nari Kala Mandir.

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