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Main address: Raja Nawab Ali Road, Lucknow 226001 Uttar Pradesh, India

Nari Sewa Samiti

Nari Sewa Samiti is a non-profit organisation in Uttar Pradesh, India. Together, we have joined hands to restore the rights of thousands of deprived women and girls child. You can also help make a difference by making a donation or by sponsoring the education of girls and women empowerment.
Raja Nawab Ali Road Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 91-522-2623464, 522-2480027
About Us
girls education charity
Mona Chandravati Gupta
(1896-1984 )
Founder Nari Sewa Samiti

NGO for Girls Education Charity

Recipient of the Kaiser-i-Hind Medal in 1939 for Public Service in India, Padma Shri awardee in 1965 for her” outstanding service for the welfare of women and children”.

What started as the Zenana Park league in 1927, went on to become the Women’s Social Service League in 1938 and was renamed Nari Seva Samiti after India gained independence, the name by which it is known today, is the result of the selfless dedication and work of our Founder. She was particularly distressed by the lot of women, especially widows, the poor, ignorant, illiterate women and children of the country.

She felt that illiteracy was the basic cause of all the ills of our society. And with these ideologies Nari Seva Samiti grew as a vocational and teaching institution.Today it is an institution to reckon with in Lucknow. It stands tall with its own land, buildings and infrastructure, to support its social, academic and vocational activities.

The education of girls is equally significant as compared to boys. But our weaker section of the society is unable to educate their girls due to financial scarcity. As each of us knows that the educated women are the pillar of the educated family and so, it is necessary to educate them, offers them financial and moral support for the improvement of their life. Focusing on these significant factors, Nari Sewa Samiti plays a vital role by offering girls education charity programme thus, helping financially weak girls and women attain training, vocational courses and consultation services. Through such charity programmes, poor girl child can attain proper edification thus, paving the way towards the successful life.

About The Organization

Founded in the year 1938, Nari Sewa Samiti is situated in the city called Lucknow, symbolizing empowerment for the women of India at every part of the society.

We, at Nari Sewa, functional as the institution offer education, vocational traning, health care and family counselling to promote and encourage the women for self reliance in economical and social terms.

The activities at the Samiti are designed to enable the young girls get an study, some learn a profession at our vocational training centre, thus creating an environment for equal opportunity.

The Management at Nari Sewa Samiti essentially comprises a volunteer team, some part time and others full time.

Mona Convent School,( English Medium, upto class 8)and Bal Shiksha Niketan (Hindi medium)Junior School for the little ones are entirely funded, financed and managed by the Samiti.

Nari Sewa Samiti endeavours to provide the best facilities to the young children. A clean environment, purified and cooled drinking water, Computer Labs, playgrounds with sports facilities and instructors.

Nari Shiksha Niketan,the Hindi medium school for girls from class 6 onwards to class 12 has an enrolment of The pass percentage and the results of the girls speak clearly of the high standard of education being imparted.

The faculty and the students work enthusiastically to arrange and participate in the annual cultural celebrations on Founder’s Day.

Nari sewa samiti conducts degree and postgraduate courses in arts and commerce streams, affiliated to the Lucknow University, for the girls aspiring for higher education.

At Nari Kala Mandir, which is the vocational school run by Nari Sewa Samiti, a wide range of courses are conducted, offering an opportunity to those girls not wanting to pursue higher study, and yet be financially independent.

Project Unnati, is one such example which is an ongoing project conducted at Nari Kala Mandir with the help of corporate funding and sponsorship.Under this project, in 2015 150 young women were placed and employed successfully. Training is imparted to the girls in computer operating systems, courses are conducted for paramedic training.Other skills such as fashion design,stitching and beautician training ,are also taught at the Vocational training Centre, giving each one an opportunity to gain employment or be self employed and able to earn.

The Family Counselling Centres run by Nari Sewa Samiti and, the Medical Centre started not too long ago, address all aspects of well-being.

The Counselling Centres offer a safe and approachable platform for the woman who is oppressed and helps to successfully resolve her domestic issues and the Medical Centre is Charitable.

Nari Sewa Samiti is committed to the empowerment, betterment and overall well being of the woman through education, skill development and health.

The Samiti provides a platform for the woman of modern India to be able to achieve the above and be independent.

Nari Sewa Samiti would keep expanding its ongoing efforts to increase it’s outreach to as many women as possible all across the country.